We want you to get the most out of your muffler. These guidelines will help ensure longevity, and help prevent voiding your warranty.


Professional installation is highly recommended.

Improper installation voids the warranty.

Paradox Performance Mufflers are directional.

An inlet sticker and/or etching should indicate flow direction.

Do NOT allow tailpipe to touch internal components.

If the outlet/tail pipe touches the “tuning forks”, sound quality will suffer greatly.

Do NOT weld exhaust hangers directly to the muffler case.

Although your muffler is designed for ultra-durability, this creates a needless weak point on virtually any muffler.



Elite Series (Does NOT Apply to Signature Series or Hot Tamale):

Do NOT attempt to alter the inlet/outlet size.

Because of its stainless steel construction, necks are non-expandable.

Do NOT use “Saddle”/”U” clamps

“Band clamps” and welding are both acceptable.


Special Considerations:

Although not critical to your warranty, the following expert insights will help you get the most out of your muffler.

Install your muffler as far back in the system as possible.

The shorter the length of pipe after the muffler, the higher the sound quality.

For more sound control, install two Paradox Performance Mufflers in-line, or add a high-flow resonator.

This is highly effective, and has a negligible effect on flow.

You may not need to upgrade the entire system.

We have found that more is not always better. Upgrading an entire system with (for example) over-sized pipes and “duals” could result in excessive sound volume.

Beware of deleting emission controls/catalytic converters.

This is illegal for most street vehicles, and could result in undesirable sound and performance.